The Torch Passes: SUNY Looks Back at Yards for Yeardley, Forward to New Leadership and Goals

This year, working with the SUNY Athletic Conference system, Yards for Yeardley marked its most significant milestone to date — 25 million yards. At the same time, the torch of student leadership is passing.

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Breaking a Different Kind of Language Barrier: Sign Language Becomes Sensor-Based

At Texas A&M University, technology applies an external motion sensor and a wearable muscle-tracking sensor to create a new version of ASL translation.


Green Innovation: Growing the Future of Automated Agriculture

Spread’s goal is a quality-controlled, high-yield indoor farming system that minimizes water use, prevents soil erosion and avoids pesticides. Its facilities are designed to run under their own environmental control, from temperature to lighting to moisture, wholly independent of weather and conditions outside.

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The Greener City Bus: Reinventing Urban Public Transportation

Proterra is building battery-powered buses. Already, its engineers measure the vehicles as operating at the electricity-powered equivalent of 34.4 km per gallon. The vehicles produce zero emissions and, per bus, Proterra estimates its vehicles cut a city’s CO2 load by some 66,000 kg annually.

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A Workplace Snack That Feeds Hungry Children

What if the next time you rustled around for a snack in the office break room, instead of nicking your cube-mate's yogurt cup you grabbed a gourmet nut bar that directly fuels a global fight against hunger?

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7 Apps to Make You More Environmentally Friendly

Enacting positive climate policies on the scale of your household, vehicle, and the things you do on a daily basis — that means understanding everyday actions on a level that many of us haven't had to consider before. Metrics can help. New digital tools are making it easier than ever for us to arrest environmentally unfriendly habits and replace them with better, greener moves.

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Big Data Is Changing the Way We Get Well

You might call it a revolution, or maybe a remaking, but either way big data is changing the scale and scope of how doctors care for patients and how caregivers and insurance companies address community-wide health issues.


How A Former Shoe Salesman Supports Micro-Business In The Developing World

Since its founding in 2004, Soles4Souls has distributed more than 19 million pairs of shoes to those affected by natural disaster and by poverty in 127 countries.


Programming for Good: The Story of Code For India

“This is a way to accelerate solutions,” according to Karl Mehta. “Problems in India may have a solution based on work being done in Africa, or there may be solutions already underway in another country where we never would have been able to bring these all together, to glimpse what has been done and find ways to stitch all this together.”


Rare Wines Delivered To Your Inbox

Seattle-based Garagiste has a cellar full of niche and small-batch wines with big flavors. Since its emergence in the 1990s, it's achieved more than $30 million in annual sales. Founded by Jon Rimmerman, Garagiste discovers and then conveys to its more-than-200,000 subscribers selections of remarkable, unusual and often challenging vinum.

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How Red Bull Takes Content Marketing to the Extreme

Red Bull is a publishing empire that also happens to sell a beverage. Lately, every conference PowerPoint on the future of advertising or PR seems to mention Red Bull as a — if not the — shining example of a brand-turned-publisher, what every future-leaning agency encourages its clients to emulate.

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In Ecuador, Recycled Bottles Become Playgrounds, a Library and More

Every year billions of plastic bottles are recycled — but how are those bottles used? In Ecuador, bottles are building communities through several programs that turn the repurposed plastic into meaningful neighborhood projects and business ventures.

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5by20: Coca-Cola Broadens Horizons for Women

Alice Kariuki is turning her mango farm in Kenya into a pathway to empowerment. Kariuki grows mangoes, sells the fruit to local exporters and reinvests her profits into her farm, family and community ... And with a little help from The Coca-Cola Company’s 5by20 initiative, Kariuki’s business is improving.

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Coca-Cola and StreetGames Give UK Kids Sports

In the United Kingdom, it's easy to find young athletes in green and orange vests playing ball in neighborhoods, parks and streetside lots. These kids aren't part of a formal league or pub-sponsored team. They are among more than 100,000 young people playing for StreetGames, a charitable program that brings sports into communities that are enduring economic hardship.


Coming Home

While working on a book about gentrification in communities in Illinois, Maine, and Massachusetts, ethnographer Japonica Brown-Saracino caught sight of a separate tale, one concerning the ways that queer women impacted and were impacted by the places they chose to live.


Turning Green into Green

Perhaps it is no wonder that an electrical engineer who became a professor of finance would take an interest in how green buildings can provide monetary benefits for the people who have the resources to fund renewable energy projects.


Market Research

Food has long been ethnographer and gastronomist Rachel Eden Black’s lens on the world. From the open-air markets of Turin to her research into wine and wine culture, she is steeped in the study of how communities and agriculture intersect.


TMI Index

What if you could measure your online privacy and get the results as a number, something like a credit score? Assistant Professor of Computer Science ­Evimaria Terzi is developing a tool to do just that.

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Medfield Owners Are Touched by House’s Past …Ghostly or Not

This is what a “haunted’’ house really looks like. It is no creaky old manse on a hill, but a charming red two-story in the woodsy town of Medfield, an unassuming Greek Revival adorned with a simple wooden sign on its exterior. The sign says that a Medfield carriage maker built this place in 1845. The people who live there now say it may be home to ghosts.

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Loving Walden, But Not to Death

The protectors of Walden Pond want one thing: to make certain that the hundreds of acres around the glacial kettle hole widely viewed as the birthplace of the conservation movement live up to that reputation.

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Metco Students, Parents Upset by School Cutbacks

School officials in Lincoln and Sudbury voted last week to merge two of their three Metco programs, a cost-saving measure that has angered Boston students and parents who say they were excluded from the process and are worried about the future of the program. Metco, a nonprofit organization that buses city students to suburban classrooms, is designed to give minority urban youth access to strong schools and to create a more racially diverse student body.

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Uncertainty at Club for Mentally Ill: State Cuts Begin to Take Their Toll on Services, Hours

At the Point After Club, and at 31 other clubhouses run by various providers in the state, members relearn social interaction and develop the skills they need for employment after what are often years of isolation and hospitalization. However, in the wake of $1 million in cuts to clubhouse budgets across the state, the club has had to shut down on Sundays and cut two full-time staff positions.


In MFA Wall, Clues to Build On

For decades, it was a secret encased in brick and plaster, undetected by the thousands who passed by each year. Then on June 4, a laborer working on construction of the new American Wing at the Museum of Fine Arts knocked a hole in a wall and saw an envelope sticking out of the rubble.


Oysters Should Love That Dirty Water: Mollusks' Return May Help Clean Charles River

They were trundled north from their nursery in Duxbury - 150,000 of them rattling in crates - to the banks of the Charles River with a singular purpose: to eat sewage. Measuring roughly an inch from tip to tip of their rose-and-ash gray shells, these oysters are the vanguard of a water pollution cleanup project launched yesterday by the Massachusetts Oyster Project.

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Harvard Grad Death’s A Mystery: Notorious Author: Prosecutor Got It Wrong

A former Massachusetts prosecutor’s prime suspect in the unsolved killing of 25-year-old Harvard graduate student Joan L Webster died in prison last week, prompting a researcher who thinks investigators bungled the original homicide case to call for a fresh look at the mystery.


Cover Up in Murder Case?: Attorney Says Investigators ‘Protecting’ Federal Informant

Investigators are withholding evidence in a South Boston murder trial to protect a man who is a federal informant with ties to the Boston Police Department, the defendant’s attorney said in documents filed yesterday.


FBI Connects Man to Six House Killing: Long-Denied Link to Crime Presented by Federal Agent’s Testimony

A man prosecutors have publicly denied was linked to the stabbing death of Adam Rich at the Six House bar in South Boston last summer was connected to the homicide by a FBI cooperating witness, according to the lead agent on the case.


Feds Charge 6 House Player: Defense Lawyer: Alleged Informant’s Drug Arrest ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

The man a Boston defense attorney claimed investigators protected by withholding evidence in a South Boston murder trial was arrested Thursday at the end of a drug sting conducted by the FBI and the Boston Police Anti-Corruption Unit.